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China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition ( PIP ) started in 2001 and is co-sponsored by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture, Shanxi Provincial People’s Government Information Office, Jinzhong Municipal People’s Government, and Pingyao County People’s Government. Held once a year, 14 sessions have been held from 2001 to 2014 .

China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition is an international photography exhibition with Chinese traditional cultural characteristics, which runs in accordance with international practices. Hundreds of outstanding photographers and photography institutions from China and around the world will participate in each exhibition, and more than 100,000 professional photographers and amateur photographers from all over the world will come to watch the exhibition and participate in various activities. Mark • Riboud (France), Ho Nai • Brie (France), Sebastiao • Salgado (Brazil), Susan • Mercedes Naples (USA), Martin • Parr (USA), Martin • Frank (USA), Eugene • Richards (USA), Lucas • Julianne (Italy) and many other international photography masters have exhibited works in Pingyao, Magnum Photos, the US Contact Press images, the national The Geographic Magazine, the American Aperture Foundation, the French “Paris Competition”, the ” Photo ” magazine, and the German National Geographic magazine have also held various exhibitions and activities in Pingyao.

The Pingyao Grand Exhibition advocates diversification, internationalization, and specialization. Works of various themes, styles and expression methods can be exhibited in Pingyao. It is known as ” a precious stage for international photographers to show themselves . ” In addition to the photography exhibition, the photography exhibition also arranged for the participants slide presentations, excellent photography awards, excellent photography album awards, video short film exhibitions, photographers workshops, photography forums and other activities.

As an international photography festival that respects history and the pioneers of photography, the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition pays tribute to the predecessors of photography in a variety of ways. In 2003 , the organizing committee established the ” Pingyao International Photography Museum ” , which is also China’s first photography museum. At that time, he exhibited and collected the statues of Mr. Sha Fei and Mr. Wu Yinxian, the pioneers of Chinese photojournalism. 2004 years, the world’s landscape photography Ansel • Adams (USA) and Mr. Jiang Qisheng pioneer statue of Chinese theory of photojournalism, exhibition and collection of their works. 2005 years is renowned war photographer Robert • Capa (United States) and China Taiwan photographer Mr. Lang Ching-shan statue, on display and collection of their works. In 2011 , the Pingyao Grand Exhibition set up a tribute exhibition for the first time to pay tribute to photographers who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese photography, and to show respect through exhibitions of old photographers Zhu Xianmin, Gu Di, Zhang Zudao, and Yuan Yiping.

China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition is one of China’s top ten famous festivals. It won the “ IFEA China’s Top Ten Most Influential Festivals ” award. It is the grandest festival for contemporary photographers, and is a leader in the development and development of international photography art and Chinese photography. An important display platform for various photography genres and top academic activities.

Pingyao International Photography Exhibition is the world’s largest photography exhibition, the most internationally influential festival, and the Oscar of global photographers!

Founded in 2001, the China Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP) is organized by China Photographers’ Association, China Artistic Photographers’ Association, Shanxi International Cultural and Exchange Association, Culture Department of Shanxi Province, Pingyao County People’s Government, and Shanxi Daily Newspapering Group . The annual PIP has been running for 14 years since its foundation.

Every year, hundreds of photographers and organizations from China and aboard attend the PIP festival, among whom were a great number of masters, including Marc Riboud (France), Rene Burri (France), Salgado Sebastiao (Brazil), Susan Meiselas (America) , Parr Martin (America), Martine Franck (Belgium), Eugene Richards (America), Uliano Lucas (Italy), and many organizations like Magnum Photo Agency, Contact Press Images, American National Geographic, Aperture Foundation, France Match, France PHOTO and Germany GEO. In the meantime, more than 100,000 photographers and amateurs around the world come to Pingyao during the festival for various exhibitions and activities.

PIP advocates diversity, internationalism and professionalism, meaning photographic works with various themes, genres and techniques of expressions can to be displayed here, hence many people regard it as a “precious stage for international photographers to display their talents.” Besides exhibitions, there are also slide-shows, videos, workshops, symposiums and forums, and awards for excellent photos and books.

Being an international event, PIP festival demonstrate great respects to the pioneers and masters in photography through unique ways. From 2003 to 2005, the festival established statues in Pingyao for the two famous photojournalists Sha Fei and Wu Yinxian, the world-renowned scenery photographer Ansel Adams, China’s photojournalism theorist Mr. Jiang Qisheng, the famed war photographer Robert Capa, and the China Taiwan photographer Long Chinsan. In 2011, the festival orgainzed salutotary exhibitions for Zhu Xianmin, Gu Di,Zhang Zudao and Yuan Yiping, who devoted greatly to the development of Chinese photography.

PIP is one of the “Top-ten Festivities in China” and has won the prize of “IFEA China’s Most Internationally Influential Ten Festivities”. Based in Shanxi, a province with a history of 5,000 years, the festival has become one of the most important celebrations for the photography community and the biggest image trading market in China, as well as a stage for photography communications among the international communities.

PIP selected a city, a city abundant with traditional Chinese history, culture, religion, and unique economic atmosphere. It combines photography with this world cultural heritage, and has developed into a charming international brand. Being open-minded and generosity, Pingyao has attracted and will continue to attract photographers from all of the world.