Wild As The Wind

Introduction of photographers and works:

Michelle • Ice Trump was born in Copenhagen , graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art , now lives in Denmark. Her artwork is a variant of post-colonialism, expressing her love for the ideas of Africa and other countries. In ” Wild Wild ” works , the sound of observers into the scenery – with a sandy beach, heather and horses beautiful picture: the sound of music mixed together along with the night. In the dreamlike scenery, the horse runs around and experiences all this in the change of light and shadow -the two complement each other and merge into one.

Michelle Eistrup was born in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, and

presently lives in Denmark. Her art has a post colonial inflection, and shows a strong attachment to both

African and other ‘ s mindsets. In the work Wild as the Wind (2010) the observer steps into an audio

landscape that complements the beautiful pictures of beach, heather and horses. A mix of recorded

sounds of the night and the horses makes the sound when the observer scans the fugato-like landscape that shows the herds moving about, and experiences in doing so the union of darkness

and brightness – opposites which in this case complement each other.