In the digital age full of desktop computers, mobile phones and tablet computers, people’s dependence on this rectangular virtual world is getting deeper and deeper like a black hole. The lack of social relations has caused people to be out of touch with society, and the distance between people is getting farther. True interpersonal relationships are more important than ever.

In fact, the relationship depends on the distance between people, love and hatred, and human feelings. But as a photographer, how did he walk into a family and become part of it? The attitude of the photographer determines the relationship between the various components. He was able to understand what was happening, and gradually entered the state of no-self, quietly recording everything that happened. Once the photographer has reached the state of selflessness, he can capture the truest feelings and human relationships, and be able to be more involved in it and integrate himself with the visitors.

The digital age draws us deeper and deeper into a black hole, a rectangular illusory world between desktop, phone and ipad. The lack of real social relations leads to desocialization of our society and cannot be balanced with “free hugs”. Real relationships among people and families are more important than ever.

Relations are determined by proximity and distance, of love and hate, cold and heat. But how does a photographer become part of an unknown family, and can participate in it? Relationships suddenly find themselves in similar definitions of each composition again, determined by attitude of the photographer. The photographer is getting deeper into what is happening and becomes increasingly invisible for those photographed. Only in the moment when the photographer is invisible, true feelings and human relationships can be captured, and get visible to the viewer and can be re -experienced.

About the curator:

Thomas Kellner, born in Bonn, Germany, is an artist and curator and currently lives in Siegen, Germany. He was a visiting professor at Giessen University and taught at Paderborn University. In addition to artistic creation, Thomas has been invited to attend international exhibitions as an event consultant many times, including Beijing, Houston, Brasilia, Birmingham, Bucharest, Warsaw, Mannheim, Berlin, etc. At the same time, Thomas wrote articles for several magazines and started curating exhibitions in 1990 .

Thomas kellner was born 1966 in Bonn / Germany. He is an artist and curator living in Siegen / Germany. He taught as guest professor at the University of Giessen and taught at the University of Paderborn. Aside of his own artistic work and presence in international exhibitions, and invitations as a consultant to colleagues to festivals in Beijing, Houston, Brasilia, Birmingham, Bucharest, Lodz, Mannheim, Berlin, am), he writes for various magazines and curates exhibitions since 1990.