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China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition ( PIP ) started in 2001 and is co-sponsored by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture, Shanxi Provincial People’s Government Information Office, Jinzhong Municipal People’s Government, and Pingyao County People’s Government.

China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition


2014 The 14th China Pingyao International Photography Exhibition

In an age of entertainment to death, everyone will pick up a camera to prove their own experience. The phrase “the world is flat” is not a metaphor, but a fact of “image”. The touching gesture is condensed in time, open to everyone who sees this photo.

Expression Of The Reality

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Pingyao International Photography Festival
(Pingyao International Photography Festival, PIP) was founded in 2001. In 2001, with the strong support of the Ministry of Culture, the Information Office of the State Council, and the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government.
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Up for preparing your photography exhibit?… Here is how you should go about it!

photography exhibit

A picture has the potential to speak a thousand words without anything being said in real. The visuals portraying some ideas or emotions can enthral viewers enough to understand what it wants to convey to its core. Photography has indeed emerged as one of the famous and influential ways of expression, and this fame to this industry has made it one of the most popular professions.

If you are also the one who has stepped into the world of pictures with your photography skills to convey your ideas and feelings to the world, a photography exhibit is one such idea you must explore. It is likely to give you vast exposure and can also help you build a great social network with people who have like-minded interests.

However, organizing a photography exhibition is not as easy as it might sound. Below are some points of considerations you must keep in mind while preparing to arrange one to portray your art.

Create a budget

photography exhibit

Being an individual of creative instincts, you might plan out some grand yet aesthetically pleasing things which would work great but might be out of your budget. So, the first step you should take while organizing a photography exhibition is to decide on a budget to plan all the other things out accordingly.

Decide if you wish to exhibit your art as a solo or by being a part of some group

While planning a photography exhibition, you have to choose between doing it solo or in a group, both of which comes with their advantages and disadvantages. Doing it solo will give you the benefit of complete attention to your art without them being distracted by the work of others. But, in this case, you will have to be the sole bearer of all the expenses. On the contrary, if you do it along with other fellow artists, you can have the advantage of less costs but may also lose out on people’s attention. Consider the pros and cons of both and make the right decision.

photography exhibit

Decide a theme

The theme of the exhibition is yet another significant consideration you must undoubtedly keep in mind. Deciding on a theme and planning out everything else like photos, venue, décor etc., based on the theme is likely to be more effective and impactful and, thus, would help in attracting more people to your work.

Rent a space

Now it would be the time to decide on a venue where you wish to conduct the exhibition. Once chosen with due consideration to how you want to portray your pictures, you can go ahead and rent the venue for a particular day on which you plan to schedule the exhibit.

photography exhibit

Print and frame your pictures

No matter how good the picture is, the way it is presented to the people would matter a lot. Its presentation would work as one of the significant factors that would help in attracting people towards it. Thus, getting the best quality prints for your pictures and getting them framed beforehand for the exhibition is suggested. It is recommended to get the pictures printed in bulk altogether as that would cost less than getting it done from different places.

Convey it to people and build the network

With everything being set, it is time to market the exhibition through various means like websites, posters, social media platforms etc. It will help in attaining a wider reach and prove to be effective in bringing in more and more people on the day of the exhibition. Also, keep a record of the details of the guests and stay in the loop with them for any other events you might conduct. It would help you build a robust social network that will ultimately be very beneficial.