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汤姆·哈金斯 1956年的中国(Tom Hutchins' China 1956)

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This exhibition, for the first time, worldwide, celebrates the the vision of Tom Hutchins (1921-2007) who, 60 years ago, was the first New Zealand photojournalist to visit China. The People's Republic of China was just five years old and he was 34. Across the border from British Hong Kong, on the first day of his visit, he wrote: 'I keep my camera busy, and behind it I secretly celebrate this first success in doing what I had come to China for—photographing in my own way and on my own terms these people who number a quarter of mankind.'


 In four months, as an independent observer, he covered east China from Canton (Guanzhou), and Shanghai in the south, to Peking (Beijing), Shenyang, Anshan, and Changchun in the north. He also traveled northwest from Sian (Xian) to Wuhan, and across the Gobi desert to far west Urumchi. He seldom had long in any one place, excepting Peking, from which official permits, interpreters and "must-see" activities and developments were organised. Despite numerous frustrating restrictions and delays, he took every opportunity to see what he could, to show the Western world what China was like during this first tentative "opening up" in the Cold War era.


 A nine-page spread of his work, under the title of 'Red China on the march' was published in Life magazine in January 1957, but unlike the famous French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, before him, and Marc Riboud after, whose work influenced a new generation of photographers in China, Hutchins was unable to find a publisher for his book. When rediscovered by the writer in 1989, the great majority of Hutchins' collection of 600 prints, along with his books and papers from China, were damaged beyond repair.


Consequently, this exhibition includes just a few original vintage prints, along with the many new digital prints made from copies of later gelatin-silver prints or directly from the original negatives, made according to the late photographer's instructions. They represent a unique body of work that has been virtually unseen to date.

The exhibition will include a brief bilingual biography of the photographer, excerpts from his surviving notes, expanded captions and other relevant text. A book of Tom Hutchins' China photographs will also be published in 2016, so orders could be taken if it is not available in time for his PIP Pingyao debut.


— John B Turner, Beijing


















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