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【俄罗斯】马克西姆·马默:煤炭人(Maxim Marmur :The Coal People )

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Artist Bio  

 Maxim Marmur is one of the leading Russian photographers. He has refashioned modern corporate photography and humanized it through an intimate artistic message showing the scale and power of the Russian mining industry. In two years, 2016 and 2017, Maxim Marmur worked on SUEK assignment at more than twenty facilities of mining, development and transportation subdivisions of the mining industry in eight regions of Russia. Photographs by Maxim Marmur from series created on commission for the Siberian Coal Energy Company in 2016–2018






Project Introduction:

  The nineteenth century is considered to be the century of steam engines. And coal. Stone facades of the medieval cathedrals, blackened by soot in the two centuries following the big leap in technology; smog hanging over European cities.

 At the beginning of the twenty-first century, coal has not ceased to be one of the main energy sources of our civilization. Civilization has changed. It aims to become cleaner, closer to nature, closer to people, it wants to be humane, but it can become such only through new technologies. And through new philosophy of their application. Nowadays coal is mined in tens to hundreds of times more than in the "sooty century", its production is still a hard work, but it is completely different from what it was before. Now the man is not an ant, mining the black wealth of the Earth with the power of their muscles and number of working hands. Coal mining in our time is an earthly occupation, but it is akin to exploring new planets: everything is fantastic—machines’ size, the beauty of their metal claw-hands, lifting capacity, the height of the wheels ... these mechanisms look as if they were copied from sketches of a sci-fi movie. But the planet being developed by the coal companies is not Mars, not a fragment of the precious rocks flying at speeds of billions of light years in the solar system outside our own galaxy, the planet which coal companies’ workers develop is our Earth.

 In the new series by Maxim Marmur, shot on assignment for the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), he saw how the new conquerors of the cosmic depths of the planet's mines are storming its heavy rock. How the huge pits, visible from space, are day and night bustling with activity. He saw some giant cosmic machines conquering the planet Earth for the benefit of people. And he saw the people who run the machines—alive, vibrant, and strong. These people co-operate with machines, showing a new symbiosis between humanity and technology created by it. Velvet of coal dust covers the overalls and faces, draws with black the relief of their machines’ muscles. The faces of people at the coal mining are faces of heroes—tough and strong-willed—during a battle. These are faces of captains and navigators. Pioneers.Do you want to see how the earthlings will explore other planets in future? Look at those corners of the Earth where energy of our civilization is being produced.







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